SH Figuarts / SH Monsterarts

SH Figuarts (SHF) is a famous line of toys designed and released by Bandai. It features Bandai’s state of the art design and manufacturing technology, and reflects the company’s focus on sculpt quality and impressive natural articulation. The name of the toy series came from the concepts “Simple Style” and “Heroic Action”. Designed to mimic the range of motion of the human body, these 14cm figuarts are like little treasures for fans and collectors.

Launched in 2008, SH Figuarts became popular because of its articulated humanoid base body. All action figuarts are of high quality and an extensive range of accessories is available on the market. Today, SH Figuarts has several spin-off lines, including:

Figuarts ZERO – the line for anime licenses
D-Arts – action figures for video game franchises
S.H. MonsterArts – figures for kaiju series, including Godzilla

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