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Being in the character business is never easy, but you will succeed if you’re committed to providing quality products and services. That’s what Japanese toy company, Banpresto Co., Ltd., showed the world. Through the years, the company developed numerous characters and made high-quality figures of those. Banpresto earned the trust of fans and collectors from around the world, and became one of the top manufacturers of genuine, licensed toys and collectibles.

As a subsidiary of Bandai Namco Holdings, Banpresto now focuses on designing and manufacturing their famous lines of products, including Sonico SQ, Master Stars Piece, and World Collectible Figure (WCF). If you’re looking for any character from these figure series, you’ve found the right place. Toyzone Xpress stocks figures from Dragon Ball Z, Once Piece, Naruto, and Kamen Rider, to name a few.

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