DC Collectibles

DC Comics has been entertaining us with their creative illustrations and clever storylines for more than 78 years. During that stretch, the company behind our favorite comic, video game, TV series, and movie characters has spawned thousands of heroes and villains. With a huge fan base and ever-increasing popularity, DC became one of the biggest and most successful comic book publishers of all time.

As such, more people are collecting DC Universe action figures, hoping they can have most, if not all, of their favorite heroes and villains. If you’re one of those who are always waiting for new DC comic figure releases, you have found the right place. Toyzone Xpress is the premier distributor of DC collectibles in the Philippines. Check our inventory to see what we have in stock for you.

Choose Your Character

Toyzone Xpress stocks an extensive range of toys and other collectors’ items. We sell these online and in our flagship store in Greenhills. Our huge inventory of DC toys includes:

  • DC icons
  • Figures and statues
  • Action figures
  • Figurines
  • Replicas
  • Busts

If you want DC-inspired chess pieces, please let us know and we will source them for you. Pre-order items or shop online and get your toys as soon as possible. We offer great deals, convenient shipping rates, and an array of payment options.

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