When was the last time you played a Sega video game? We know what you’re thinking. Those sleepless nights you spent with your childhood friends, the snacks your mom prepared for all of you, and the rivalries you formed. Sounds nostalgic, right? Those days were the best. Life was so simple: we just eat, study, and play – and sleep a bit when tired of staring at the monitor and our Sega Genesis.

Today, it’s totally different. Game consoles are way more advanced than what were available back then. But one good thing about having modern gaming platforms is that we miss the old days. Why don’t you bring back your childhood memories by collecting Sega toys? Share your stories and experiences with your friends, nephews, nieces, and kids (if you have any). Maybe you can’t play Sega games again, but you definitely can play with Sega collectibles!

Toyzone Xpress is your one-stop source for authentic Sega toys and figures. We have a selection of items from your favorite video games of the past. Whether you’re on the market for antique collectibles or the latest releases, you know where to go. Choose among the products featured below and let us know if you want to pre-order anything. Buy online and save big!

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